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Why Shaklee?

Shaklee is the number one nutrition and green cleaning company in the United States. By using Shaklee, you can make a real difference on your health, your home and your wallet.  All of Shaklee’s products have been tested to make sure that they are always safe, always work and are always green.

the shaklee difference

With Shaklee’s commitment to be good to our planet, they became the first company in the United States to offset their CO2 emissions and use biodegradable bottles for their home cleaning products. To add, Shaklee is free of any animal testing . With such a great track record of business etiquette, environmental stewardship and top of the line products, Shaklee has received an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

Young Dr. Shaklee

Young Dr. Shaklee

How did it all begin?

Beginning in 1915, the visionary Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee created Vitalized Minerals, one of the first multivitamin supplement in the world. Dr. Shaklee wanted focused his research on multivitamins because he realized how important it is to be healthy and take care of your health to prevent coming down with sicknesses. From this early beginning, Dr. Shaklee has been a leader in health and has laid the foundation for the Shaklee legacy that you know and can trust.

Today, the Shaklee organization is spearheaded by CEO, Roger Barnett. Roger joined Shaklee after successfully leading large companies to success both nationally and internationally. This Yale and Harvard graduate has helped move Shaklee forward. Not only is he a strong and stable leader but he also cares a lot about this business and it’s ability to help people and the planet. That is why Roger has paired up with Wangari Maathai, a Nobel Prize winner to help reforest parts of Kenya, Canada and the United Sates. For his efforts and the work that he has done with Shaklee, Roger was selected by the World Economic Forum as a Global Leader for Tomorrow. That’s the kind of guy I like to have by my side!

Getting Started is Easy!

Shaklee let’s you decide how you would like to participate in the Shaklee Effect. You can participate as a consumer or you can share the products you love while turning it into an  income generator for you and your family.


What types of products does Shaklee carry?

Shaklee is most well known for their organic home cleaners and supplements but they also carry a line of beauty and weight loss products.

Healthy Foundations

shaklee healthy foundations

It is important to have a strong healthy base of the nutrients you need to live a healthy and active life. That’s why, these healthy foundation products are key as they provide the essential vitamins, protein and supplements, to give your body the nutritional foundation it needs. At Shaklee we believe so much in our products that we guarantee you will feel better in 30 days of using our products—or your money back.

Healthy Home

shaklee healthy home

Home should be the safest place on earth. Let us help you keep it that way by using  products that are safe, powerful, and green. The best things about our home cleaning products is that due to their concentrated formula and smart packaging, you will not only save money but you will be purchasing products that are better for the planet than the leading competitors.

Popular Items

Healthy Solutions

shaklee healthy solutions

Having joint pain, memory loss or low energy? We have you covered for that and more with their Health Solution products.

Popular Items

Healthy Weight

shaklee 180

Shaklee 180°® is clinically tested products* and a program that helps you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off. Powered by Leucine® to help you retain muscle and lose fat. Best part, I think they taste great!

Popular Items

Healthy Beauty

shaklee beauty

Taking care of your body is not just about what you put in it but also what you put on it! Our skin and hair care line has you covered from the inside out.


As a Shaklee partner,  you have many great options of how to get involved. You can USE the products as a member or consumer; SHARE the products with family and friends to get rewards, or you can BUILD up your business by sharing products that will help make you and your connections healthier for years to come.

Ready to learn how to Share Shaklee? Come learn more! 

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